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Rick Lee Rosenhagen, Jr.
Summary of Projects
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Rick Lee Rosenhagen, Jr

        Inspection/Repair This program was written in Visual Basic and was designed to track the maintenance history of the signs and lights around the runways. It was important to the airport because only a very small percentage of signs and lights can be out on a runway at one time before they must shut it down causing lost revenue and airport delays.


        Vehicle Tracking System I wrote a dll using Microsoft MapPoint and Visual Basic 6 that tracked the current location all vehicles, calculated mileage and mapped the shortest route to desired pickup point.

        Snow Contractor Tracking This program was written in Visual Basic and was designed to track the actual time the independent snow contractors should charge the airport for snow removal around the airport. In the past the airport felt that they were being over charged for snow removal hours by individual contractors which resulted in a loss of thousands of dollars each snow fall.


        Passenger Counting ( This program was written in Visual Basic and was designed to monitor the flow of passengers in certain restrooms in the airport. The program would extract data from a 3rd party serial counting device which was mounting on the ceilings of the entrances to the restrooms. Each device was connected to a laptop via a serial connection. The program would then use this data to calculate how many passengers were in the restroom at one time and to calculate the high and low peaks of activity at intervals over a period of time.


        Airfield Condition Web Page This program was written in ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 and was designed to provide airlines with up to date information about the conditions of the airfield and runways. The web page was accessible to the internet but required user validation. I can provide a running sample of this website upon request.


        Project Management Web Page This program was written in ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 and was designed to provide management with an easy way to retrieve information about projects, tasks, costs, budgets and client data from their office or on the road via a VPN connection into the companys network.


        Spill Contact Information Web Page This program was written in ASP.NET and SQL Server 2000 and was designed to provide contact information to the user regarding who to contact during a chemical spill at the airport.


        Residential Sound Installation Program (RSIP) This program was written Visual Basic and Access with Crystal Reports and was designed to store and report information about home owners getting sound improvements done to their homes surrounding the airport.


        Electronic Log System (ELS) This program was written in Visual Basic and SQL Server 2000 and was designed to provide log tracking of all the events that happened at the airport including weather, construction, repairs, etc.


        Various in-house accounting applications I was responsible for creating and maintaining over 25 Visual Basic, Access and Excel applications that provided key financial information to management.


        BST program & miscellaneous accounting support I was solely responsible for the entire support of the companys accounting program. This involved daily trouble shooting, working with technical support personnel of the product, year end maintenance of data and program files, monthly auditing of data keyed by users, installation of product upgrades, hardware and software setup of new users and assistance with network issues related to the accounting server and its programs.


        Testing & debugging of applications I was involved in testing and debugging applications that were both for our external clients as well as our internal clients like the accounting department. This involved many steps like: making sure client program setup files included the right files to run properly on particular operating systems, versioning of dll files, controls and databases, testing of applications on various operating systems while various other programs were installed and written documentation on installation procedures.


        Color printer program I wrote an Access program that pulled text files of data from the color copiers own software that then stored, manipulated, summarize and computed the number of prints by user and client billing number. This program solved the issue of users printing without inputting in client billing numbers when the color printer software asked for it but didnt require that field be inputted at the time of printing. My program saved the company thousands of dollars as they were able to track down missing client billing numbers and bill the client.


        Review of new software, controls and hardware I sought out and reviewed many Visual Basic controls and other software applications that I thought might benefit the development team. This included downloading and testing each to see if it met our requirements. I was involved in the research for a new accounting system to replace their current system as the company had grew tired of it issues and lack of options. I also evaluated new hardware like touch screen laptops, finger print login software, and devices with on-board video sensors that counted images.


        Training and computer setup of new developers I assisted in the training and computer setup of newly hired developers. This included training them on our programming standards and procedures, installation of all development related software on their computer and support for any programming questions. I also provided project management on several projects over a staff of 2-4.




Sample ASP.NET website: Airfield Condition Website