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Rick Lee Rosenhagen, Jr.
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June 14, 2003




To Whom It May Concern:


During Rick Rosenhagens over 4 years at Landrum & Brown, we had the opportunity to work closely together on many occasions in my capacity as Controller.  Rick provided key support for the firms project and financial software, BST.  This software included functionality to extract information from the BST database, which then was manipulated to obtain desired reports and to deliver some via e-mail.  Additionally, the BST software at times required technical support when error messages were received.  With Ricks support, the firm made significant strides on the quality and timeliness of critical management information.


Rick showcased his ability to work with users to achieve quick, reliable, and user-friendly solutions.  Such support was always approached in a very positive and open-minded manner.  His attitude was always outstanding.


Rick went beyond the usual expectations of technical support.  He invested the time to understand what the user wanted and why.  As such, each additional project he encountered received the benefit of his continually building knowledge.  One can imagine that initial project discussions went more quickly with a better outline of requirements before work began.  During the project, his increasing knowledge resulted in good and creative questions/solutions.  The net result was Ricks ability to deliver excellent work products in very short timeframes.


A key aspect of software generation was our need to generate both technical and user documentation.  Over the years I have learned that this is not a favorite job aspect of technical personnel.  Rick embraced our needs in this regard and prepared excellent write-ups.  As a user I have benefited and have heard praise from Ricks technical peers.


While our projects comprised a minority of Ricks time, he did an excellent job of balancing his workload by keeping his various taskmasters informed, thus enabling them to resolve conflicts.


I personally enjoyed working with Rick and miss him on both a personal and business level.







Raymond E. Schafer