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Rick Lee Rosenhagen, Jr.
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Rick Lee Rosenhagen, Jr.

Rick Lee Rosenhagen, Jr. 53 Kyles Lane #1 · Ft Thomas, Kentucky 41075
  (859)572-0990 · (859)992-2600 Cell ·
A challenging career as a programmer where I can use my experience to assist the company in achieving its objectives and to further expand and sharpen my skill set as the world of technology changes for the future.
Summary of Qualifications:
· Experienced programmer using Visual Basic, Microsoft Office, Crystal Reports , SQL Server, Windows 2003 along with hardware and network troubleshooting.
· An excellent problem-solver, able to quickly identify improvements and resolution of issues.
· Energetic self-starter with strong communication skills; works well independently or on a team.
· Strong skills in project management, prioritizing tasks, and meeting deadlines.
· Desire to constantly learn new technologies which leads to benefits for the company.
· Recently completed two weeks of .NET training at a local Microsoft Certified Technical Center.
Professional Experience:
  Red Carpet Studios Cincinnati, OH
  Programmer/IT support 07/2003 to Present
· Served as IT support including software, hardware, website and networking issues.
· Prepared instructional manuals and technical documentation of program development.
· Analyzed, reviewed and rewrote programs in order to increase operating efficiency and adapt program to new requirements.
· Currently developing a VB.NET application to interface with the company's accounting system.
· Installed and maintained Exchange 2003 Server, Windows 2003 Server, SQL Server 2000, Terminal Server and Microsoft Solomon Accounting Package.
· Designed reports to exact data out of the Solomon accounting package for management.
· Coordinated and over saw the successful upgrade of the company's accounting package.
· Working currently on a project on PocketPc 2003 using .NET Compact Network using SQLCE.
  Stevens Concepts Cincinnati, Ohio
  Subcontractor 10/2002 to 07/2003
· Developed a dll in Visual Basic 6 using Microsoft MapPoint 2002 ocx control that provided the following key features to the user: a real-time map of vehicle locations: auto calculation of mileage between pickup and destination points: validation of user's input of street addresses: and zoom, printing, and search abilities like those found in the MapPoint software itself.
· Designed and developed a system in Visual Basic that allowed the client to track the location of it product using a UPC inventory system complete with a hand held scanner.
  Landrum & Brown, Incorporated Cincinnati, Ohio
  Consultant 05/1998 to 09/2002
· Served as project manager on numerous client projects, and supervised staff of two to four programmers, developed and maintained project schedules and project deliverables.
· Maintained and improved a Visual Basic 6 client data tracking and reporting system using Crystal Reports 8 that allowed the airport to report mission critical data to the FAA.
· Developed an application in VB 6 using Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access and Excel that communicated with a 3rd party serial counting device to monitor airport restroom usage for Chicago's International Airport, which allowed them to improve restroom cleanliness.
· Developed an external ASP.NET web page using a SQL Server 2000 database and FTP code for Chicago's International Airport to display important airfield conditions to various airlines.
· Developed an internal ASP.NET web page using a SQL Server 2000 database for tracking client projects and tasks that assisted management in decision making and project planning.
· Developed a snow contractor tracking system in VB 6 using Crystal for the airport that provided billing times and an audit trail for contractors, which kept the airport from being over charged.
· Improved employee performance and morale by assisting other programmers in the resolution of work problems related to project specifications and programming.
· Served as go-to support for the company's integrated project/financial system, including the creation of special purpose reports that provided key financial and management information to help manage costs and serve as the basis for management operating decisions.
· Coordinated and provided oversight during the conversion of the company's accounting software package and all related Y2K issues which resulted in minimal down time.
· Restructured and improved methods of distributing financial information via the company's intranet page and through programmatic efforts using Microsoft Outlook 2000 object model.
· Reduced down time while serving as the lead contact for program support for the company's 3rd party accounting package.
· Increased management awareness of mission key data by learning specific input and output requirements such as forms of data input, and how data was to be summarized for reports.
· Planned and prepared technical reports and instructional manuals as documentation.
· Analyzed, reviewed and improved programs in VBA using Microsoft Office 2000 in order to increase operating efficiency and adapt programs to new requirements from management.
  Wrightway Computer Solutions Lockland, Ohio
  Analyst 01/1998 to 05/1998
· Developed a document tracking system in VB using Crystal Reports for a law office that provided key accessibility to vital client documentation.
· Enhanced accounting applications using VBA and Microsoft Office that provided new ways of retrieving valuable data for Landrum & Brown to use to analysis their business strategies.
  Transitions, Incorporated Bellevue, Kentucky
  Computer Support 09/1995 to 12/1997
· Compiled and analyzed statistical information for management and various state and federal agencies that allowed the non-profit company to receive more funding for client services.
· Working with an outside computer consultant, developed an internal data tracking VB application using Crystal Reports and Microsoft Office that enabled retrieval of vital client.
· VBITS (Visual Basic Insider's Technical Summit - San Franciso, CA (January, 1999)
· Accelerated Training for Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 at MaxTrain (July, 2000)
· Querying Miscrosoft SQL Server 2000 with Transact SQL at Kizan Technologies (June, 2002)
· Developing ASP.NET Web Applications Using VS.NET at Kizan Technologies (Oct, 2004)
· Programming with Visual Basic.NET at Kizan Technologies (Nov, 2004)
· Visual Basic 6.0, Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), MS SourceSafe
· SQL Server 2000
· Microsoft Office 97/2000, Windows 95/98/2000/XP
· Crystal Reports 4.0-8.5, Microsoft MapPoint 2002, Visio
· Windows 2003 Server, Terminal Server, Exchange Server 2003, IIS 6.0
· Microsoft Solomon 5.5 including customizations in VBA and Crystal report writing
Education & Certifications:
  Northern Kentucky University Highland Heights, Kentucky
  Dual Major: Bachelor of Science
- Information Systems
- Business Management
  Spectrum Learning Center - Florence, Kentucky
  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) 2000 Intensive Program Present
· Training currently for my MCSE and A+ certifications with a completion goal of the spring of 2005.
· Currently developing an ASP.NET website for a friend's wholesale business.
· Referee 3-6 grade basketball each winter in my local community for the past 15 years.
· Volunteered several years at a runaway shelter and for county court system helping children.
· Accepted legal guardianship of a child who I did volunteer work with in the past.
· Currently doing programming work on the side as a consultant from home.
Available upon request